Sunday, 4 October 2015

USA I Awaits in the Quarter-Finals - Venice Cup, Chennai 2015 (9)

Rounding off with a satisfying victory against USA II, England moved up to finish fifth in the round-robin phase.   We did get quite close to third, which would have enabled us to choose our opponents in the quarter-final but we are happy to have qualified.   We seem to be hitting form at just the right time...

Venice Cup, Final Standings for the Round-Robin

1   Denmark                                        304.11
2   USA II                                           288.03
3   USA I                                             281.05
4   Italy                                                278.87
5   England                                          277.73
6   China                                              274.12
7   Netherlands                                    274.09
8   France                                            266.55

So now we are entering the knock-out stages.   Denmark won the round-robin, had first choice of opponents and opted for France.   USA II chose China, USA I chose us and that left Italy to play the Netherlands.   USA I probably opted for us because they were able to carry forward an advantage from our round-robin encounter - so we begin our 96-board marathon, played over two days, sixteen IMPs down.

The semi-final draw was made too and if we progress, we will play the winners of Denmark versus France.  We are in a very confident mood and looking forward to the day's play!

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