Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Back in Business ~ Seniors Transnational I

The beaten quarter-finalists were allowed to join the Swiss stage of the Transnational for the third day of three, all of them starting in joint 20th place. The eventual top 16 would progress to the knock-out phase. The English Seniors played five 10-board matches, won four of them, and finished in tenth place. Then it was time for me to go to another captain's meeting for the draw. The Russian-Polish team (called Buras) who had won the Swiss had first pick from the bottom eight and chose “English Seniors” (read it in a Russian accent). I shook him warmly by the hand and told him I would have picked him if it had been my choice. I am not sure he believed me. Either way, we are suitably affronted and will show him the error of his ways over 48 boards tomorrow.

"Dwell not upon thy weariness, thy strength shall be according to the measure of thy desire." Arab Proverb 

There was an interesting piece in the Bulletin a couple of days ago. Bob Hamman, one of the all-time great bridge players (winner of 12 World Titles and 50 North American Bridge Championships, and here in Chennai, playing in the USA1 Senior team), is founder and President of SCA Promotions. SCA were involved in some capacity (not drug-related!) with Lance Armstrong. A film (The Program), about Lance Armstrong and his fall from grace, has just been released. In it the part of Bob Hamman (see photo) is played by … Dustin Hoffman. Bob is over six foot tall, which makes the casting even more bizarre.

Three of the England Supporters Club, the England BridgeMates, have left Chennai. They have been replaced by Ian Painter, who had an unintended detour via Bangalore. I was introduced to Ian by one of my team as “Our NCP”. If anyone can think of any characteristics shared by a car park and a moderate bridge player, please let me know. 

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