Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Bermuda Bowl - England Open Team Part 9

WOW! What a day here in Chennai. We started the day just two IMPs to the good against the legendary NICKELL team (USA I). We had a first set with some nice plus positions, with both pairs doing many good things, leaving us 24 ahead with 32 deals to go. Despite board one of the penultimate set proving very unlucky for us (6D went down when the clubs were 6-0 and the Americans found that lead and 6NT was bid and made next door), we recovered marvellously to find ourselves 48 imps ahead with sixteen deals to go. However, with our opponents being famous for big last set comebacks, this was not a time for complacency. Having made sure my guys were seated and ready for battle, I retired to my room to "watch" (the polite version) the final set. What unfolded made for pretty unpleasant viewing for an ever so nervous NPC and the players who sat out the final set. Several double digit swings on the bounce reduced the lead to just ten imps after 7 boards of the set, however the team showed fantastic resilience in the face of enormous pressure to outscore the Americans 10-4 over the last nine boards, to ultimately record a 20 imp victory. As an observer, I was thoroughly exhausted by the time the match ended, so I can only imagine how the players must be feeling! However tomorrow we will face the very tough Poland team, once again a match of 96 boards over two days. Hope you will be able to tune in on www.bridgebase.com to once again (hopefully) enjoy the show!

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