Saturday, 3 October 2015

Roller Coaster Update - Venice Cup, Chennai 2015 (7)

The match against Canada went well (16-4) but the Poles had a similar result to stay in touch.  We play Venezuela next, while Poland takes on Egypt.   A good result in this round could see us move out of Poland's reach, thereby ensuring a place in the quartrer-finals.   Meanwhile, there is still a chance of moving up the table.

Venice Cup, Leading Scores After Match Nineteen (out of twenty-one)

1   Denmark                                         280.33
2   USA II                                            266.54
3   USA I                                             262.16
4   Italy                                                259.80
5   France                                             254.05
6   Netherlands                                    253.17
7   China                                              248.39
8   England                                          244.80
9   Poland                                            224.05

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