Tuesday, 21 May 2013

2013 Teltscher Trophy - after the event

The England Seniors failed to hold on to their overnight lead on the last day of Teltscher Trophy in Cardiff. A heavy defeat against Northern Ireland brought us back into the pack and, although we still had a chance with one match to go, we needed a big win and for other results to go our way. It was not to be - Scotland surged past Northern Ireland to win the event, leaving England in third place.

At the final dinner it was announced that the event will henceforth be known only as the Teltscher Trophy and it should not be referred to as the Senior Camrose. It is now an established event in its own right, very popular with the players and (fiercely) played in a great spirit.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

2013 Teltscher Trophy - Sunday morning

The first complete round-robin has been played, and the first match of the second round robin, so six matches down and four to go. So far England have won three, drawn one and lost two, and we find ourselves in the lead with 102 VPs, ahead of three teams on 88 and one on 87.

The deals have been exciting - the same team playing in 2D in both rooms, trumps seemingly breaking 5-0 more often than 3-2, a bidding sequence of 2D - 7D (bid and made against England) and so on. Maybe we will have nice boring part score deals today so that we can stay ahead of the chasing pack.

Many thanks to Roger O'Shea and Pharon Independent Financial Advisers, who are sponsoring the England Senior team.

Tune in and watch us on BBO this afternoon ... much more exciting than the football and, if you are interested in cricket, you can have Test Match Special on in the background.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

2013 Teltscher Trophy

The Senior Home Internationals for the Teltscher Trophy (sometimes referred to as the Senior Camrose) was first held in 2008. The competition for the trophy is between the four home nations and the Republic of Ireland. The event has been generously sponsored since its inception by Bernard Teltscher, who leads the Great Britain team that brings the number of teams up to six. The Patron’s team can come first, but it cannot win the trophy.

The event is played over a single weekend with a double round robin of 14-board matches. England has won the trophy twice, in 2008 in Oxford and in 2012 in Ayr. Wales has won once and Scotland has won twice, cannily finishing second in the two years that the Great Britain came first.

England is represented by the very experienced team that won the trials last December. Paul Hackett, who has won the trophy twice in four appearances, is partnering David Mossop, playing in the event for first time, having returned to England after a number of years playing in and for Switzerland.

Gunnar Hallberg and John Holland are playing together in a Teltscher Trophy team for the fourth time; three times for England (two wins) and once for Great Britain (a win but no trophy).

David Price and Colin Simpson have also played together for England (once) and for Great Britain (twice, one win). David and Colin were part of the England team that won the Camrose earlier in 2013 and they hope (tempting fate, this bit) to become the first pair to win the Camrose and Teltscher Trophy in the same year.

I have the honour of NPCing the England team and I have supplied each of them with a diet sheet, a fitness programme, and a detailed guide (with examples) of how to tell when a 4♣ bid is Gerber. You can do your bit by watching the match on BBO with your fingers crossed; with your help England can do the Camrose - Lady Milne - Teltscher Trophy treble in 2013.