Wednesday, 7 October 2015

And it's farewell from me ~ Seniors Transnational II and other things

Not a good day for English bridge. As well as the disappointment of the Women not making it to the final, and the heartbreak of the Open Team's last board exit, I have to report that the English Seniors were eliminated from the Transnationals. All very sad. They have been a credit to England and to English bridge.

On a lighter note, I spoke to Bob Hamman (or was it Dustin Hoffman?) just after he qualified for the final of the Senior event, and asked him if he would do us the honour of writing a commentary on four deals for the 2016 Night of the Stars event. Obviously I caught him in a good mood and he said yes. If you don't know about NotS, it is a fantastic charity event, organised by Terry Hewett. There is an auction of Stars in November, and the event itself is in February. You can find out all about it at

On an even lighter note, I played with Jenny Price (wife of England Senior Superstar, David) in the Open Pairs today. We were using screens (first time for Jenny), so I was unable to see her puzzled expressions as she tried to understand some of my bidding. I am pleased to say we bid and made 6NT on the first board and, at that stage, we were leading the field. At the end we were the top English, nay, British pair (although, in the interests of unbiased reporting, I should remind you that all three English teams were still playing in the major competitions). Jenny now has has an English badge and a World Bridge Federation player number.

This will probably be my last blog from Chennai, so let me finish by thanking Roger O'Shea and Pharon Financial Advisers for helping me to be here, and the Senior team for putting up with me.

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