Friday, 2 October 2015

"Don't Panic Mr. Mainwaring !" - Venice Cup, Chennai 2015 (5)

Three heavy defeats (and a lot of bad luck) yesterday left England fighting for a qualifying spot as the round-robin phase nears completion.   Now in ninth place, some fourteen VPs behind Poland, there is work to be done over the next two days.   Having played most of the top teams already, however, there is no need to panic!

On the menu today, the starter is Japan, to be followed by matches against India and Jordan.   If we play to our normal level then there is no doubt that we will qualify due to the fact that the teams above us have to play each other.  If we play well then fifth place is probable but a top-four finish will require some surprising results elsewhere.   Having said this, the margin for error has become very small.

Currently lying tenth, Japan will provide reasonably tough opposition but a good performance in this match should set us up well for a good day.

Venice Cup, Leading Scores After Day Five (fifteen matches out of twenty-one)

1   USA II                                            215.52
2   Denmark                                         213.48
3   USA I                                             212.32
4   Netherlands                                    206.62
5   Italy                                                205.606   China                                              204.36
7   France                                            198.37
8   Poland                                            189.29
9   England                                          175.26
10 Japan                                              158.65

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