Sunday, 4 October 2015

Insert own Poland/Polish/Pole pun here ~ Seniors QF I

From the rush of three opponents a day (blind line-ups, studying different opposition systems, getting an instinct feel for their style of play) to a 96 board match over two days (seemingly more leisurely, but actually the same playing schedule, and against tougher opposition).

We started badly against the Poles, with some poor decisions in the first 16-board segment, and some bad luck in the first half of the second segment. At one stage we were 75 IMPs down, but we bounced back to trail by 52 going into the third segment, and we played well to pull back a further 23 IMPs. A deficit of 29 is definitely recoverable and the team retired for the night in good heart.

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”  Churchill

Gunnar Hallberg seen here on the right, with partner John Holland, would like me to send greetings to all at the Avenue Bridge Club in Hove.

Please suggest a caption; best so far:

"Look! It says Gerber?" "Does it come with rice?"

"But I've never heard of an East Pole and a West Pole."

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  1. Entry for the caption competition: "who's this guy Zia who got a better Butler than we did?"