Friday, 15 May 2015

2015 Teltscher Trophy - I

The Senior Camrose (a name that should now only be used in a historical context) started in 2008. As with the Camrose and Lady Milne, a sixth team is added to bring the number of competitors up to an even number. From 2008 to 2014, this was a Patron's team, led by Bernard Teltscher. Bernard donated a trophy in 2013 and the event is now known as the Teltscher Trophy. Bernard has an excellent record in the event, coming first twice (the Patron's team is not allowed to 'win'). He was partnered by the late, great, Tony Priday and last year, with a combined age of over 180, they were second in the cross-IMP ranking. This year the Patron's team is from the host country, the Republic of Ireland.

 The format is slightly different to that of the Lady Milne and Camrose, in that it is a double round robin, rather then a single round robin. I don't know why. Also the segments are 14 boards each, not 16 boards. Again, I don't know why - I hope it isn't in deference to the age of the competitors; if so, they find it a bit patronising.

England, who won the event in 2008 and 2010, are represented by a team of five. Tony Forrester and David Kendrick have both won the Junior Camrose (Tony once, David twice) and the Camrose (Tony numerous, David once) and so both could complete the set this weekend (Tony at his first attempt, David at his second). Brian Senior is playing in his second Teltscher Trophy and Norman Selway in his first. Nick Irens is playing in his first international of any description, so this is a very special weekend for him. I am the veteran of senior events, having being the (unsuccessful) England NPC at the Teltscher Trophy for the last two years. If we win this year I will be (a) very happy and (b) applying for the job of coach to the England cricket team.

I am pleased to report that the England team have all arrived safely and are busy preparing for the off - discussing systems, greeting old friends and adversaries, and getting some fresh air. We hope to do you proud.