Saturday, 3 October 2015

The Roller Coaster Gathers Pace - Venice Cup, Chennai 2015 (6)

England's passage through the round-robin stage of the Venice Cup  has been anything but serene.   The roller coaster ride continued on day six when, after a huge dip on Thursday, we bounced back with three excellent results.

This, in conjunction with Poland incurring a heavy defeat at the hands of Italy to round off a poor day for them, has resulted in an extraordinary turnaround.   Despite having started the day fourteen VPs behind the Poles, we are now twenty-one clear of ninth place !

Venice Cup, Leading Scores After Day Six (eighteen matches out of twenty-one)

1   Denmark                                        265.33
2   Italy                                                253.55
3   Netherlands                                    249.26
4   USA II                                            247.29
5   USA I                                             246.07
6   France                                             240.30
7   China                                              231.32
8   England                                          228.54
9   Poland                                            207.32
10 Canada                                           191.68

We begin the final day of the round-robin against Canada and then we face Venezuela before a showdown with USA II.   With the top eight teams qualifying for the knock-out stages, I'd settle for a day without fireworks !

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