Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Bonn Nations Cup

There is more international action coming up in the form of the Bonn Nations Cup, which will take place on Wed 30 Apr & Thu 1 May.

The tournament will consist of 20 (national) teams. They will be drawn at the beginning into 2 groups of 10 each, such that 2 German teams will be drawn in each group. Within each group there will be a complete Round Robin, which means 9 matches of 10 boards each. After the conclusion of the Round Robin the leading team from each group will play a final of 3 segments of 8 boards.

England will be represented this time by the team that were runners-up in this year's Open Trials, David Gold, Tom Townsend, Gunner Hallberg and Andrew McIntosh.
Information about the event, including a list of all participants and the playing schedule, can be found here

Up to the minute scores from all matches can be viewed using Liveticker.

The event will be broadcast on Bridge Base Online. You can download Bridge Base Online from their website or view it without downloading anything, from the BBOTV website

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

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Monday, 21 April 2008

Gallipoli Results - Final

South Africa50

Round 5
England6- 24Turkey
Canakkale25-4South Africa

Round 4
England6- 24Germany
Turkey24-6South Africa

Round 3
England20- 10South Africa

Round 2
England7- 23Canakkale
France15-15South Africa

Round 1
England14- 16France
Germany15-15South Africa

Friday, 18 April 2008

England Women face uphill battle at Gallipoli

After a slow start, the England team will need some good results to get back into the tournament at Gallipoli. They lost the first match narrowly to France, 14-16. In the second match against the host team Canakkale, played on BBO Vugraph, misfortune struck, resulting in a 7 - 23 defeat. First, the irregular partnership of Heather Dhondy & Sarah Teshome, playing together because both their partners are unavailable on the first day, had a bidding misunderstanding to reach a no play grand slam. Add to that the Canakkale team bid and made two slams against the England team that were worse than 50%, one requiring a finesse and the trumps to be 3-1 or better (45%), the other needing a 3-3 trump break (36%). Despite the misunderstanding, had both the poor slams gone down they would have won the match. Tomorrow Nevena Senior, Heather's regular partner arrives, so hopefully the team will recover.

English Women do battle in Gallipoli

This is definitely Women’s week. Last weekend the England Women’s team were triumphant in the Lady Milne Trophy (the Home International Championship), this weekend they are in action again, this time in an invitation tournament in the city of Canakkale in Turkey, the tournament being the International Gelibolu Peace Cup. Six teams are taking part in the event. As well as the England Women’s team, there are teams representing France, Germany, South Africa,Turkey and a team representing the City of Canakkale. The teams will play a round robin of 20 board matches. Each round one feature match will be broadcast on Bridge Base Online.

The match timings are:-
Fri 18 Apr 10:30 Round 1
Fri 18 Apr 14:30 Round 2
Sat 19 Apr 12:00 Round 3
Sat 19 Apr 16:00 Round 4
Sun 20 Apr 07:30 Round 5

You can download Bridge Base Online from their website or view it without downloading anything , from the BBOTV website

The team representing the England Women is Heather Dhondy, Nevena Senior, Susan Stockdale, Fiona Brown and Sarah Teshome.

Information about the tournament can be found on the tournament website