Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Backs to the Wall - Venice Cup, Chennai 2015 (12)

After a slow start, some unlucky views and a day when the French got the better of most of the big swings, we are trailing by 46 IMPs in the semi-finals.   This sounds much worse than it is.  To catch up 46 IMPs over 8 boards would be a serious problem.  Over sixteen boards, the task would be difficult but achievable but over 48 boards, it is very manageable.   If we play well today, there is every reason to believe that we will make the final.   A sprinkling of good fortune would help!

Team c/o Segment
1 Tot 2 Tot 3 Tot 4 Tot 5 Tot 6 Total
france FRANCE 6 28 34 43 77 37 114   114   114   114
england ENGLAND 0 25 25 21 46 22 68   68   68   68

In the other semi-final, USA II leads the Netherlands by 112.5 to 81.

Hopefully, there will be better news to report tomorrow!

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  1. Hello Derek,
    Sabine Auken says in her book "I Love This Game" that in the Final of the Venice Cup 2001 Germany vs France, Germany entered last segment with a deficit of 47 IMPs. She says: "That seemed like a lot to overcome, but make no mistake, we were not disheartened... Our strategy was simple - Play well and be lucky!"... and she goes on describing their comeback and world title win... I am still reading... Good luck :)