Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Lille Women 9

The end of the marathon is in sight. 208 boards in the Round Robin followed by 4*96 boards if you want to win a medal. When we come home on Thursday I am not sure anyone will want to pop in to the YC for a
game although it is the championship Pairs which Heather is participating in!

From having a slender lead at the end of the first day against France we put the match beyond doubt in the next two sets to lead by 65. We lost a few in the last set but won pretty comfortably.

The final is against Russia so we are guaranteed at least silver. At Veldhoven last year in the Venice Cup we lost in the semi final and then lost the 3rd place play off. That is not a good feeling but our team are in sufficient form that a gold medal is very much on the cards. All of the match will be on BBO from 9.30 UK time each day.

News of the day from the open semi final was that those who put the word" invincible" before the name Monaco will have to think again as they were beaten in the semi final by Sweden. You would have got long odds on a final which did not involve Monaco, Italy or the USA at the start of the event.

Thank you to all of you who have sent emails or Facebook messages to the team. Much appreciated and good to know people are rooting for the team back in Blighty!

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