Sunday, 12 August 2012

Lille: Seniors 3

A good day at the office; a 20-10 revenge win over Germany, who beat us in Dublin, kept us in first place; a 15-15 draw with Turkey on a very dull set of boards saw us drop to second overall; and  an excellent 25-5 win over Brazil took us back into the lead. {25 is the maximum number of VPs a team can get; the scoring then goes 25-4, 25-3 etc.}

The Brazil match included a deal where Colin Simpson and David Price made 3NT with a 5-5 spade fit.  The Brazilians thought that playing in 4S was a good idea and went two down.  Gunnar Hallberg, while very appreciative of the 11 IMP swing to England, topped this with a tale of successfully playing in 3NT with a 7-5 fit in spades.

Things are going well, but we are only just over one-third of the way through the round-robin.  We start Sunday with a bye, so the captain allowed the team to have an extra half of shandy (each) on Saturday night and an extra half hour lie-in on Sunday morning.  The afternoon match is against Belgium, lying in mid-table at the moment, but always dangerous.  Then we play Israel, who were second overnight.  Our first match on Monday is against France, lying fourth as I write this, and European champions in Dublin.  So, three big matches coming up.

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