Saturday, 11 August 2012

Lille Women 2

Having arrived and settled in the first task at hand is surviving the captains meeting. This is no mean feat but at least the players are preserved from having to attend. The officials didn't take all that kindly to me pointing out that the published times on the website were different from the official printed programme(as it happened neither of these sources was correct!) and that the regulations were not available on the website. They covered this by saying "they are" which regrettably was less than true!
On to the bridge and we did not have a great first day. We lost our opening match to Scotland 10-20. The biggest loss was a double game swing when Scotland bid 4H in one room and in the other opened a strong NT to which partner responded 3S invitational. You now had to bid vulnerable with
H J987432
D 2
C AK964

When you didn't that was your last chance and 3S was raised to game.

In the second match we played a weak Guadeloupe side and were 13imps down after about 7 boards but then the rains came and we won 25-4. Back on track. In the final match against Australia we had an awful match and lost 6-24 to leave us in 8th position. The leading five teams will qualify for the KO stages. In addition the best 6th in the three groups will also qualify to make 16. It takes a page in the regulations to explain how the best 6th is selected and a column in the bulletin to tell us how the draw will be made for the KO stages. In short the better we do in the qulaifying the more control we have over our destiny.

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