Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Lille: Women 10

The final against Russia, the 2004 winners of this event started with a doubled game at both tables. Nevena made it and the Russian did not so 12 imps to us. The first set is covered in the online bulletin available from the WBF site.

At the end of the day were are 24 boards up so a margin of 0.5 imps per board!

The final ends later today and the medal ceremony is shortly afterwards. Someone said to me yesterday that the 48 boards per day is not really "enough" however if you do this for four days in a round robin, followed by 4 96 board matches you will likely disagree. I'm exhausted and I'm only watching! 48 boards against very tough opposition who are setting you problems on nearly every board is a lot more draining than 48 boards against moderate opposition. We had a couple of easy matches in the round robin but nothing easy since.

Sweden look favourites for their very first world championship in the Open event.

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