Sunday, 12 August 2012

Lille Women 3

The second day went rather better than the first. We beat Jordan 25-5 in the first match, our second maximum. Coach Burn inspires the team by giving them a sheet of A4 with the salient points of the opponents system together with any suggested ways of defending against their germ warfare. He also gives a short introduction to the country so our players can look knowledgeable.
Here is his intro. to Jordan
"Jordan is in Western Asia, or the Middle East, between Israel and Saudi Arabia. It has got a lot of uranium. It is not to be confused with Katie Price(aka Jordan), who is in between various marriages and has got a lot of silicon.

We beat Spain 18-12 in the second match but lost 12-18 to Poland in the third. At present we are just out of the qualifying positions but a good run tomorrow will soon sort that out.

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