Monday, 13 August 2012

Lille Women 4

Revenge for the women's olympic hockey defeat was taken in the first match with a comprehensive 25-4 win against Argentina. Judicious mention of the Falklands kept them off balance.

In match two we met Egypt and what looked like a close win became a big one when two of the last three boards were double figure gains so we came out of this match winning 24-6.

In the final match against Canada, one of our competitors for a qualifying place, we lost narrowly 12-18.

61 victory points for the day was a satisfactory outcome

That leaves us in a qualifying position with 4 matches to play. We start Monday with two difficult matches against Turkey(bronze medalists in Dublin) and Russia (long time leaders of our group) but then end with two easier matches against Chinese Taipei and Kenya. After that we read the 76 pages of rules if we have qualified to help us decide what choice we have in the last 16. 

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