Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Lille: Women 1

The World Mind Sports Games start on Friday of this week.

This is the event that used to be called the Olympiad and morphed into its current form in 2008 in Beijing where the English women won the Gold Medal by 1 imp against China.

The original idea was that it should be in the Olympic host country but allegedly London was too expensive, Manchester too dangerous and Cardiff too small so Lille it is. There has been a major championship in Lille before and the playing conditions are good and these days it is but 1 hour 25 minutes from St Pancras.

The English Women's team is the same as won European Gold recently in Dublin (Nicola Smith, Sally Brock, Heather Dhondy, Nevena Senior, Susan Stockdale & Fiona Brown npc Jeremy Dhondy, Coach David Burn)
The format is a round robin followed by a KO involving the top 16 teams. We have high hopes and I will update here daily once the event has started.

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