Monday, 20 August 2012

Lille Women 8

We are half way through the semi final and have a small lead to take into the final 48 boards. For the second time in the event England bid a grand slam and made it when the opponents were only in game!

This time it was Heather & Nevena. Heather held as South

S A 3
H K J 10 6
D K J 10 9 6 5 4

The auction was:


When Nevena bid 4D to show interest but no club control Heather could be sure that the values were in the right place. This was 14 in and the first time in the match we had been ahead.

Just to show political correctness the WBF had advised that there were to be drug tests at the half way point of the semi final. Seniors are not tested either because they would not be part of any Olympic competition or perhaps because they would all be rattling with pills anyway. One of our players was randomly selected. A good homework question at this point is what drugs would be helpful for playing bridge. It probably isn't the same as would help greco roman wrestlers or 400m runners! As long as using lavender before each match doesn't breach the regulations I think our team is safe.

2nd Homework question: The regulations for WBF Championships are 125 pages long(there are supplementary regulations of about 40 pages for each championship). How many pages are devoted to the anti doping rules? Answer: 52 (so you are not on tenterhooks until the next blog)


  1. An excellent 7D bid by Heather; much praised on BBO and elsewhere. Keep up the good work.
    The homework questions lead me to suspect that you might have been a teacher in a former life.

    1. Well done so far our women. Good luck for the rest of the championship. I must try some lavender next time I play.

  2. Good luck for the final! Awesome performance so far. C'mon the 'Lavender Ladies'!