Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Monaco cleared for Dublin

The England Open team will have a game first thing on Wednesday after all!  Monaco, England's scheduled opponents, have been given last-minute clearance to take part.

Pierre Zimmermann’s and the Fédération Monégasque  de  Bridge have  prevailed upon  the European Bridge League to allow the team of Fulvio Fantoni / Claudio Nunes, Tor Helness / Geir Helgemo and Franck Multon / Pierre Zimmermann as players, with Jean-Charles Allavena as NPC and Krzysztof Martens as Coach, to enter the European Team Championships in Dublin. The EBL had previously refused the Zimmermann team permission to play, citing that residency requirements of two years had not yet been met. The new EBL position is that September 2010 to June 2012 constitutes two years’ residency. This brings the European competition rules into line with the WBF rules. Earlier, the Monaco team was faced with the rather absurd position of being able to compete for the Bermuda Bowl in Bali in 2013 if they qualified, but not being able to compete in the European qualifier.

Was this the right decision? I'm not sure ....

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