Monday, 18 June 2012

Dublin Seniors - part 6

Not a good day at the office.  We came from being 1-19 IMPs down to beat Belgium 47-31 (19-11 in VPs), but then lost by 8 VPs to 22 against Germany in a very swingy set of boards. We had hopes for the third match against bottom team Finland, but lost that 7-23.  We are now in 9th place.  Tomorrow has been designated bounce-back Tuesday.

Tuesday’s opponents are 10th placed Norway, against whom we have a good record (sorry if I am tempting fate); Turkey, who won the Seniors title eight years ago but are now lying in 15th place; and Italy, who are 11th and against whom we don’t have a good record (I don’t mind if fate reads that last bit).  

Roger O’Shea of Pharon Independent Financial Advisors has been in touch to wish us good luck.  The EBU doesn't pay for the Seniors’ travel and accommodation, so Pharon’s sponsorship of the England Senior team is most welcome. 

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