Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Dublin 2012- Ladies Blog 3

A good first day. We started against France, one of the favourites for a medal. In Ostend two years ago we got only 10 vp's against them but today we played well and beat them by 8imp's which converted to 16-14.
In the second match we played Spain who are unlikely to feature in the leading positions. We got 24v.p.s against them and finished the day in 3rd place. The captain is pleased!
Key data
1. First 3 for a medal
2. First six to qualify for the Venice Cup in Bali(better than Middlesbrough, perhaps)
3. Our score compared with two years ago. We are +9 after day 1


  1. Andrew Urbanski14 June 2012 at 16:17

    Good Luck to all the England Ladies team.

  2. I think Middlesbrough would be a great venue for the Venice Cup. I suspect our team would prefer the climate at any rate. Did they put in an offer to hold it?