Friday, 15 June 2012

Dublin Seniors - part 3

The Seniors have all arrived at the venue, and so has their luggage.

Their first match on Saturday is at 10:00, against Estonia, who have a national bridge membership of 526. Not all of them are over 60, so their pool of available seniors won’t have been that large. In the previous two European Championships they finished 16th out of 20 and 19th out of 23. A nice easy start for England? Not at all; Estonia beat us 25-5 in Pau and 16-14 in Ostend. We are hoping that revenge is dish of the day. Come back tomorrow to see if it was served cold enough.

Our second match could hardly be more different; the Netherlands have a national bridge membership of 88,641. The tournament organisers have asked us to rest John Holland for the match because they are worried that it will confuse BBO spectators to have the Netherlands playing East-West and Holland playing South. Do you think ingratiating ourselves with the organisers early in the event is a good idea?

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