Sunday, 17 June 2012

Dublin Ladies 7

One match today vs Poland. As it was 1st vs 3rd it might, I suppose, have been on BBO but they preferred the equivalent of Gillingham vs Rochdale instead. We had a grim start and were 30-0 down after 3 boards but the team showed their resilience and came back to win 68-42 which converts to 20-10 in victory points. We are now in the second half and our record to date is played 10 Won 8 and Drawn 2. Tomorrow is a three match day against Israel who started badly but have been getting better, Scotland who have been doing well and Estonia who after a big first round win have been struggling.

1 comment:

  1. Fifth vs ninth, especially when ninth is most people's favourite for a medal, is hardly Rochdale vs Gillingham.

    First vs third will be more important in the last couple of days.