Saturday, 16 June 2012

Dublin Seniors - part 4

Inspired by (and eager to match) the wonderful performances of the Open and Women’s teams, the Seniors got off to an excellent start to their campaign.  They had a good 20-10 revenge win against Estonia (including a grand slam bid by Gunnar Hallberg and John Holland that was only reached at three of the other 17 Senior tables) and an even better 21-9 win against the Netherlands. The net result is that we share the lead with Belgium.

The answers to the two questions raised in yesterday's blog are: the Estonian revenge was chilled and, yes, John Holland did sit out against the Netherlands.

We only have one match tomorrow, but it’s a toughie.  Our opponents, Poland, are the defending champions in the Senior event, and highly fancied for a podium finish.  They have the same team as they had in the last two European Championships, in Pau and Ostend.  A lot may depend on how late the Poles stay up celebrating (or drowning their sorrows) after tonight’s match against the Czech Republic in Wroclaw, in those other European Championships.

After Sunday things get much busier; we have a full schedule of three matches a day from Monday to Friday. 

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