Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Dublin Seniors - part 8

We started with a 11-19 loss to Israel*.  That was followed by a narrow 16-14 win against Sweden, and we ended the day with a 20-10 win over Wales, leaving us still in 9th position.  We are 9 VPs short of 6th place, which would earn us a trip to the World Championships in Bali, and 15.5 VPs off the medal positions, which would earn us open-topped bus parade through Aylesbury.

Our opponents tomorrow are all lying above us – Denmark (currently 3rd), France (1st) and Scotland (4th).  So, fingers crossed for as much of the day as you can manage.

* Yes, I know, Israel are not really in Europe, but the European Bridge League base much of their organisation of the event on that of the Eurovision Song Contest, in which Israel are allowed to perform.  Ireland’s own Terry Wogan and Graham Norton are doing a fine double act on VuGraph.  GN: “Ooh, look, he’s got a Yarborough.”  TW: “That’s nil pwa.”  (Sorry, I don’t know how I get you to read ‘points’ with a French accent.)

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