Friday, 22 June 2012

Dublin Seniors - part 10

First of all, congratulations to the English ladies playing in the Women’s team.  A wonderful performance and a richly deserved Gold medal.  Bravo!

The Seniors had a bye in the morning, probably the best part of the day to have it.  Well rested (these relentless ten o’clock starts can be tiring for us elderly folk), they beat Bulgaria 20-10.  In their second match they overcame Spain 18-12, a result that would have been even better if East, not West, had held the king of clubs on the last board, allowing the English slam to make.  

Nevertheless, the dream of going to the World Championships is still on; we need a big win against host nation Ireland in the final match of the championships, and a couple of other results to go our way.  Let us hope that that the wonderful Irish friendliness that has pervaded the last ten days extends to tomorrow morning.  English table presence plus Irish table presents – that should do it.

By the way, I understand that the Irish Senior team have been given a list of defensive tips to learn by heart.  It must be working, because Pat’s partner has been heard to exclaim “We’ve got them down pat.”

I must leave you now to go and work on my final rousing motivational speech (the last one was described as Churchillian, oh yes). 

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