Friday, 10 August 2018

U21s diary - part 3

By NPC, Michael Byrne

Today we faced China and then Chinese Taipei and made a special effort not to call them Taiwan (Don't mention the war!).

This passed off peacefully and we recovered both matches to win after being down.

As if to prove that you should never give up on one hand my pair held a combined 19 count with no long suit. They played in the obvious 3NT contract and were very unfortunate to be doubled (very speculatively I must add) by a guy who held an 18 count with stoppers in every suit. Showing true cunning and guile we stole a trick in the play and escaped for 800. At score up team-mates said "plus 1100" and we replied "win 7" and moved on to the next board....

We lost the 3rd match to Bulgaria and are lying just outside qualification but with several key matches to play. With only 7 of the 21 matches over we are exactly a third of the way through.....

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