Tuesday, 14 August 2018

U16s diary - Part 7

By NPC Giorgio Provenza

We had another 20-0 win, but it wasn’t against India…

With the team seemingly in control and a seemingly easy first match, I took a few hours off this morning, to find out when I re-emerged that the match v India had been a wash out, but in favour of the South Asians.

A good lesson to learn here, never underestimate your opponents!

In the second match of the day v China 2 we started off pretty well, going 20 IMPs up after 4. The Chinese came back strongly though and prevailed by 13. With this we have lost all the 4 matches against the Chinese teams, make it 5 with the online final. Not a track record to be proud of.

The third match of the day was a marginal loss to Germany.

Then the sad news. The Polish team had made arrangements to leave tomorrow such as to make impossible for them to play 3 matches. That meant we had to play one more match and the football was cancelled.

Worse than that, I had to find 4 players willing to play. The kids are now running out of steam, there are very few flat boards across the field and this very tight schedule is taking a toll.

We improvised a little with pairing, but that did not stop us from winning 20-0 our last match of the day.

We are now in 2nd place in the consolation, with two matches to go. Germany have a good lead on us, but we will try to catch them, if we can.

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