Monday, 13 August 2018

U16s Diary - Day 6 part 2

By NPC, Giorgio Provenza

So the consolation competition has started and there has been a change of format. Rather than a seven round Swiss it will now be a full Round Robin among the 10 teams who did not make the quarter finals.

That also means that the play will carry on for two more days (rather than finishing tomorrow evening) but also that we will have a more humane schedule with “only” 3 matches per day. We are looking forward to our first evening off and a very much anticipated match of football has been arranged. Captains and coaches included.

Several people have asked me about the morale of the team after missing qualifications. I would like to reassure everyone that – despite being disappointed and firmly convinced that it was within our reach – the team is in very good spirit.

The great form displayed in the second half of the qualification stage has been carried into the consolation. The first two matches against Poland and Botswana have been two blitzes and in the final match of the day we came from behind gaining 9 IMPs in the last two boards to beat Turkey by 2. That makes six wins on the spin.

Tomorrow India, followed by China 2 and Germany. Then football!!

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