Friday, 10 August 2018

U16s Diary - Day 3

By NPC, Giorgio Provenza

Today things run much more smoothly than yesterday. Everyone was where they were supposed to be and when they were supposed to be. And more importantly, they had everything they needed to have!

The Bridge then. First match was a 23 IMPs loss to the US. In some cases we have made our destiny, going down in a couple of 3NT that should have been made. Other times, you be the judge!

Board 8. Dealer West. None Vulnerable.

J 8 7 5 4
 T 9 4 2
♣ Q T 8
T 3
 A K Q J 7 6 5
♣ J 7 6
Q 6 2
 A 5
♣ A K 9 5 4 3 2

A K 9
 T 9 3 2
 K Q J 7 6 3
♣ - 
In the closed room our player elected to open 4H and after two passes S doubled (planning to bid 5D over the likely 5C, I guess). He found the Spade fit and minus 1 against a make-able game.

The American W opened 1H, P by N and a natural and GF 2C by E. S bid 2D and after 4H by W was faced with a decision. With E having shown a good hand he chose to P and 9 IMPs flew the American way.

The second match was v Israel. Our kids were almost spotless, conceded only 4 IMPs and racked up 17 VPs.

Next one up was China 2. It was a close match, lost by 9 IMPs. We basically had 2 big swings against us. Credit to the opponents for finding a good slam that we missed in one of them. The other, you be the judge.

Board 1. Dealer North. None Vulnerable.

K 8 6
 9 8 5 2
 K J 8 2
♣ J 5
7 4 3
 T 6 3
 A 6 4
♣ Q T 8 7
Q J T 9 5
 Q 7 5 3
♣ K 6 4

A 2
 K Q J 7 4
 T 9
♣ A 9 3 2 

At both tables S is in 4H after E opened 1S. On a spade lead (same at both tables), the contract lies on a diamond guess. The Chinese S played to the K and our player ran the 10.  And away went 10 IMPs.

Final match of the day was v Sweden. After a flying start (12-0) the tide turned on a 3NT that leaves us with a lot of regrets. Our pair could have found he winning lead and our declarer (systemic difference meant the hand was played N rather than S) could have made it on the lead he got.

We ended up losing by 13 IMPs, which exactly what we lost on that board.

Although we feel we are a bit in credit with fortune, we are aware we have been playing a little below our standards. We are not looking at the table yet, but we suspect it’s not looking good at present.

We need to raise our game and tomorrow it is the ideal day for it. First we face China 1 and we have been looking forward to this match since losing to them the online final. The we play Canada, runaway leaders. Then Turkey and Botswana.

We are aware we need a big day and we are ready for the challenge.

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