Saturday, 11 August 2018

U16s Diary - Day 4

By NPC, Giorgio Provenza

And the day came when we looked at the table and we did not like what we saw.

We are in 13th place, 19 VPs behind the last qualification spot. Surely it is not where we hoped to be at this stage of the competition.

Today we started off with a very well played match against China 1. Decisive was a board where our opponents bid a slightly odds-against slam (only two pairs in the whole field bid it), that makes two days out of five. Unfortunately it was one of those days and that cost us 26 IMPs (give or take) and 8 VPs.

In the second match we suffered our worst defeat against Canada, and that one was all of our own making. We had a very poor match and for the first time I saw my team showing signs of lack of belief.

We regrouped though, and made the most of an easier draw, collecting 35 VPs in the last two matches, against Turkey and Botswana.

That put some wind in our sails and we are determined to carry this momentum into tomorrow.

Our chances are slim, but with 100 VPs still up for grab we will go out there and fight for every single trick.

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