Wednesday, 8 August 2018

U21's Diary - part 1

From NPC, Michael Byrne

Day 1 - The team has all made it here safely and on time which at one stage looked a bit dicey.
The highlight of our journey so far included a screaming criminal on our flight from Heathrow to Charles de Gaulle which resulted in our flight being delayed and us having to run through French security, we got to our gate at 3.08 for a 3.10 departure. Sadly by this stage we were minus a boarding card but they didn't seem to mind.
This sounds exciting but our flight waited for everyone else who hadn't run and didn't leave until 4pm anyway.
Showing synchronised NPC thinking both Paul Barden (U26 NPC) and myself elected to independently watch Red Sparrow, a Jennifer Lawrence Russian Spy film, although I missed the last 5 minutes in which ************************ (spoiler redacted) (just as I suspected).
Today is registration (which I slept through but got my coach to do), followed by a team meeting, captains meeting and then opening ceremony.
The bridge starts tomorrow - make sure you are watching!


  1. Good luck Michael - let's hope that the U21s play as well as the U26 representative did when seeing you off in the Gold Cup QF last week!

  2. God luck Michael. Give our good wishes to the team. Carol and I will be following the results with interest. Jim.

  3. Good luck Michael and the rest of the team from all at Leeds Bridge Club. Special good wishes to Daniel Winter who has played at our club on many occasions.