Monday, 23 September 2019

World Championships Updates - Women's Team Progress (David Gold)

It is the penultimate day and we started with Japan who were lying just behind us.
I sent in Catherine and Gillian with Nicola and Yvonne. Yvonne was feeling unwell which is a worry.
Opponents played very well and we lost by 29 imps (3.42 VPs).

Not great but not a disaster, thanks to some cushion provided by our brilliant day yesterday.
I sent Yvonne to rest and she will have the rest of the day off, leaving Catherine and Gillian to play throughout.

In the second match we played Brazil and won by 22 imps (15.38 VPs) with solid cards in both rooms. So after two matches on the day we are almost average.

I am writing from the Vugraph theatre and we are currently playing the tough USA1 team and it is currently 1 imp all. I will update later today.


Blog Update

We lost by 30 to usa1 which handed us 3.27 to complete a poor day.

We are now on 6th, about 9VPs ahead of 9th place USA2 who we play tomorrow in the last match. We play Denmark in the morning, it is just a 2 match day.

These events are hard work and very stressful for everyone so this evening it will be nice to have a small celebration for a milestone birthday for Nevena. Rest assured the players know how big the job at hand is and will certainly not over do it.


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