Monday, 23 September 2019

World Championships Updates - Bermuda Bowl Blog - Day 7 (Neil Rosen)

Day 7 

Day 7 started with a disappointing smallish win against unfancied Bangladesh. We picked up loads of scraps on the part-score boards but unfortunately two large adverse swings kept our win to 14-6.

Bottom team Morocco followed and the result didn’t disappoint! We were just a hair’s breadth away from a maximum 20-0 win. A 1700 penalty after an an injudicious vulnerable unusual 2NT call on - KQx K98xx J98xx certainly cheered up all the kibitzers.

The last match of day 7 was a tough one against in form Sweden. Upmark and Nystrom, in particular, were on fire and a heavy loss resulted. This left us needing a decent final day against China and USA2 (the later who had already failed to qualify which boosted our hopes and expectations).

At the end of day 7 we were in the final qualifying place. 


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