Monday, 23 September 2019

World Championships Updates - Bermuda Bowl Blog - Day 9 (Neil Rosen)

Day 9

The biggest day of many of our lives had arrived! The famous USA1 squad.

Their regular style is to play their sponsor; Nick Nickell for the first two sets out of six. He then tends to sit back and watch.

We won both the first two sets to take a 17IMP lead. Chris Jagger and Jeffrey Allerton played both sets and played really, really well. 

There is one board still outstanding where we have asked for a ruling - we will await clarification on this tomorrow.

The third set saw the other two pairs take on their big four players. We achieved a near blitz! 53-7. Fantastic stuff. Look at the form we were in:


AJxx                    KT98
KJT98x               xx
x                          AKTx
Jx                        xxx


A spirited auction:

P      1H    P    1S
P      2S    X     XX
2NT 3S    P    P
4C    P      P    X

Tony Forrester found a sharp double and Andrew Robson proved well up to the mark. He led his singleton diamond to the K, then played AD (on reflection the A then K is better as suit preference). Tony then returned the diamond T as suit preference for Andrew to ruff. He was up to the job - under-leading his spade A in an instant for another diamond ruff. MAGNIFICENT - 12 imps to us.

Overnight we have a healthy 63 imp lead. It’s a terrific start - but tomorrow will be a huge day for us as their world class team will attempt to come roaring back.

Fingers crossed!

I note at the moment that all the England teams are doing ok - what an amazing achievement it would be to get all four teams into the semi-finals.


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