Wednesday, 18 September 2019

World Champions Updates - England Seniors Progress (David Jones)

England Seniors Progress

We are half way through the qualifying and the team is presently in the top 8 which is excellent.

Morale is high and all three pairs are playing well.

Problems which we have suffered include some luggage which arrived three days late, the propensity of one player to lead out of turn, some minor stomach ailments and a feeling that yet another Chinese meal may be a bridge too far!

My favourite bridge hand is this play problem in 3NT.



Right hand opponent has shown 6 or 7 hearts and an opening hand and you play in 3NT on a high heart lead.

You have 4 clubs and 2 spades plus 1 heart off the top. Thus you must broach the diamond suit but if you play a diamond to the ten left will win and clear the hearts and right of course has the diamond ace and you have only 8 winners. Therefore with the diamond ace marked on the right you should play a diamond to the king which guarantees the contract. Well played by the England declarer who did this.


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