Wednesday, 18 September 2019

World Championships Updates - Bermuda Bowl Blog - Day 2 (Neil Rosen)

Day Two

Day two saw three more wins including a maximum 20-0 vs. Russia despite losing a double figure swing on the first board when going for an 800 penalty! 

Today we’ll look at a fascinating hand where Artur Malinowski found a winning line in a difficult slam.


9x.                                         AJTxx
Q6x                                       AKxxxx
AJx                                        xx
AQxxx                                    -


An initial diamond lead on the layout would have proven fatal, but South attacked with a low club.

A strong line would be to hop in with the ace and attempt to take two spade finesses then ruff the third spade in dummy, overruffing if necessary. Artur saw it slightly differently. He finessed the queen of clubs at trick one discarding a diamond then ran the spade nine to South’s queen. South won and switched to the heart jack (perhaps a deceptive ten would have been better).

Artur won the king of hearts in hand and played ace and another spade. South ruffed in with the seven of hearts which Artur overrruffed in the dummy. 

We were now at the crossroads - did South have the last trump or not? If not he could safely ruff the last spade, however believing South to still have the heart ten, Artur played ace of clubs and ruffed a club looking to isolate the club menace and then ran his trumps arriving at this three card ending. 


-                                           J
-                                           x
AJ                                        x
x                                          -


When Artur played his last trump as East, South had to keep his club so could only keep one diamond. The now redundant club was thrown from dummy and it was now North’s turn to feel the pinch. He had to keep his spade K so also could only keep one diamond in the two card ending. Low and behold dummy now took the last two tricks with the diamond A and J. A classic double squeeze.

Well played Artur!

We have moved into the lead at the end of day two and very much hope to remain there.


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