Thursday, 19 September 2019

World Championships Updates - Bermuda Bowl Blog - Day 4 (Neil Rosen)

Day Four

An excellent day with two close matches and a big win against fancied Israel.

All three of our pairs continue to do well with Jagger/Allerton, in particular, playing very well with very few errors.

Andrew Robson showed much better judgement than his Israeli counterpart on the following board with identical starting auctions at both tables:


AQJ9x                                 Kxx
A98                                      Jxx
AQx                                     9xx
xx                                        xxxx


Both Norths opened the gambling 3NT and both Souths removed to 4C. Andrew doubled which Tony wisely passed with nowhere to go. At the other table West decided to over all 4S - the East hand was not what they were hoping for! A nice double figure swing resulted when this drifted one off.

In situations like this double is usually a winning action - it is far more flexible: it brings the other suits into the game, allows partner to pass when they have nowhere to go and you can always bid spades later if you judge that to be right.

Tomorrow we have two teams fighting hard to qualify in Italy and Australia, together with Chilie who have faded a bit after a fast start to the event.


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