Friday, 15 June 2018

Finally a day with 3 wins (moving day). The first of which was a crushing 1 imp victory over Lithuania- which included them very luckily guessing to bid a grand slam off an ace but holding the correct void. You might think cue-bidding might resolve this - BUT they used Blackwood !*#

We then had a big win against Croatia by 48 to really lift our hopes and expectations.

The final match was against Sweden. We won by 11- but it could have been so much more... Firstly Robson/Forrester went off in a couple of slams which they assure me were decent odds! (😉).

Secondly Bakhshi/ Malinowski outbid the young Rimstedt brothers to bid two slams the right way round so they were nigh on cold. The two brothers bid them both the “wrong” way round and on each occasion received the best and most threatening lead. On both occasions they guessed the play successfully to flatten the board - much to the upset of all those millions of spectators on BBO!!!

We are up to 6th place (top 8 qualify for Bermuda Bowl remember). We have a tough final day tomorrow with matches against three tough teams: Norway, Bulgaria and France.


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