Wednesday, 13 June 2018

A disappointing day for the team. We lost ground in the first two matches with a loss to  Ukraine then a heavy loss to Russia who basically walked on water against us. We bid a slam which was slightly better than a finesse (failing of course) - this was pretty much bid round the field except by the Russian pair. The same pair then waited for Allerton/ Jagger to bid to 4S then wandered in vulnerable at the 5 level with a 7 card club suit to find it quite cold! 15 imps away! Grr...

We finished the day against Denmark. Tony pointed out we now need about 14 a match to qualify (top 8 for Bermuda Bowl). A good card from both tables gave us a 16 imp win. 14.18 vps - right on target!

Spirits are good but we need to excel now!

Tomorrow sees Iceland, Scotland and Portugal.


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