Thursday, 14 June 2018

England Seniors Day Four

Day 4 was an excellent day for the team which saw them rise to 7th place in the table following a 7 imp win against the leaders France and a well played draw against second placed Ireland .

In the third match of the day against Portugal the team scored a fifty imp win on the back of a storming card from Rob Cliffe and Alan Mayo.

The following was a well reasoned defence by Trevor Ward in the Portugal match.

You are defending against four spades holding the following hand


You open a strong n trump partner shows diamonds right hand opponent overcalls there spades raised to game on your left.

you lead a top diamond and dummy is


You can see all the minor suit honours and declarer is marked with a  singleton diamond confirmed by the card played by partner.Decalrer holds six or seven spades and must hold HA so the only chance ,with clubs lying favourably for declarer is to switch to a heart and the ten is the correct card to make it easy for partner.

Team morale  and confidence is high and some sound bridge is being played let's play some cards but one board at a time .

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