Thursday, 14 June 2018

European Championships, Ostend, Women's Teams, Day 4

Mystery of the Ostend Express Solved ?

A rather dapper man with a perfectly trimmed black moustache was seen leaving the press room at the Kursaal yesterday evening and his presence has been linked to the rather strange train journey, experienced by some members of the English team.  They had boarded the Ostend Express to take them to the championships, only to find that the train had taken an enormous detour mid-route - in fact, Lille to Brussels and back to Lille before eventually heading north for Ostend.  Could this have been an (unsuccessful) attempt to derail the English campaign even before it had begun?    

As it happens, our entourage managed to arrive safely, even if somewhat tired and haggard and the halfway stage of the event has now been reached.   Spurred on by the prospect of yet another medal, we are hoping for a strong finish.   Yesterday, we had victories against Ireland and Iceland but were defeated by the formidable French team.   Lying sixth overnight, we have a tough day ahead against, Norway, Denmark and Russia, all of which will be vying for qualification for next year's Venice Cup.

Leading Positions After Round 13

1 SWEDEN 178.09
2 POLAND 174.71
3 NORWAY 170.10
4 FRANCE 164.12
5 DENMARK 155.13
6 ENGLAND 154.26
7 SCOTLAND 142.11
8 ESTONIA 141.29
9 RUSSIA 141.26
10 ISRAEL 139.12
12 TURKEY 132.96
13 PORTUGAL 132.78

So was it Hercule Poirot?   Did he solve the mystery of the Ostend Express?  We may never know but, as of now, our European Championships are still on track!

Derek :)

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