Tuesday, 12 June 2018

England Seniors Day 2

Day 2 for the England team was up and down but above average overall.

The first match against Israel was a win by 10 imps a sound  result against a very good team .

In match 2 we defeated Germany by 35 imps to rise to 4th place at this point but a 41 imp loss to Bulgaria in the final match of the day was disappointing and the team lie in 10th place after two days play.

The following was a nice defence by Alan Mayo & Rob Cliffe in the Germany match.

The contract was a lowly 2d and the lay out was as follows :-


KTxx.                           Q9x
J8xx.                              Axx
 KJx.                               AQTx
Qx.                                  JTx

East played in 2d on the defence of 2 top clubs and a trump switch
won  in dummy.Declarer played a spade to the Queen and Ace at which point south switched to the Heart ten ducked all round and now it looks natural to play a second heart but declarer can counter that by winning the ace drawing trumps and clearing himself a long heart winner with a spade as the entry to that winner .Instead Alan Mayo switched back to spades and declarer finessed the ten losing to the jack and now a third spade  from Rob Cliffe locked declarer in dummy unable to draw trumps and cash his winning spade  so the cold contract was defeated .Rather a beautiful little hand.

Today the team have matches with Romania,Poland and Denmark.


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