Monday, 30 June 2014

European Championships - Seniors - Aftermath

The celebrations are over; the players have departed. I am staying on for for three days to support the Open and Women's teams in their quest for glory.

The Senior Butlers have been published: John Holland and Gunnar Hallberg led the field in the Swiss with 0.98 IMPs per board; David Price and Colin Simpson topped the rankings in the Round Robin with 1.02 IMPs per board, followed by Paul Hackett and David Mossop in second place with 0.96 IMPs per board. A great team performance. We know that the Butlers are not the be-all and end-all of a pair's performance but I would be rather be top then tenth, wouldn't you?

I was approached by a director who wanted my opinion on a board on which he had to give a ruling. It was the same director who had consulted me before. "I already told you,"  I said, "I am not qualified to give you an expert view." "It's OK," he replied. "The board was played by two teams at the bottom of the Senior consolation event and I was told to consult some players of the same standard." I took it as a compliment ... he thought I was good enough to play in the European Championships!

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