Saturday, 28 June 2014

European Bridge Championships Croatia - Open Team Part 5

The first phase of the Open Series has drawn to a close. It has left us with a good feeling and positive vibes for the three days of play that remain in the final. We qualified top of our group, leading from 2nd placed Israel. When all the carry forward scores are taken into account, we lie 5th in the final of 18 teams. We have already played 8 of those, so have 9 left to play. Here is our order of play:

Sunday 29th June

1130 vs Estonia
1420 vs Ireland
1710 vs France

Monday 30th June

0930 vs Germany
1330 vs Russia
1620 vs Croatia

Tuesday 1st July

0930 vs Norway
1330 vs Sweden
1620 vs Monaco

The likelihood is that we will be on BBO fairly frequently, with fewer matches to choose from now. Spirit in the camp is good, the local fish we are eating for dinner is great, and we are ready to go for the final three days. Wish us luck!

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