Friday, 27 June 2014

European Bridge Championships Croatia - Open Team Part 5

Today started very well, with a superbly played match from our boys against Hungary who still have a chance of qualifying despite our victory by 29-6 netting us 15.5 VPs. Next up was an eagerly awaited match against current Bermuda Bowl Holders Italy. Whilst this Italian team is not as strong as it has been, a 17 imp victory and thus 14.4 VPs was a result we could really be happy with. With some momentum behind us, we headed into the last match agains the very strong Poland front four players. There were a couple of missed opportunities, and these resulted in a small loss by 11 imps, netting us 7 VPs. The day featured two grand slam deals, one in set 1 and one in set 3 - both deals were flat in 7C and 7H/N respectively - a sign of good bridge!

We finish the day lying in third place in our group, and we finish the first round robin tomorrow with meetings with Belgium, Latvia and Turkey. The second two are of heightened important as they are both currently in qualifying positions for phase two.

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