Sunday, 22 June 2014

European Bridge Championships Croatia - Open Team Part 2

We finally got underway today. Our first match was against Bosnia and Herzegovina, who were no doubt super excited to make their debut in a European Championships. They played well, and a set with some spicy deals provided plenty of interest, and didn't catch us at our best. We lost narrowly. In the second match of the day we faced the Faroe Islands, and we recorded a convincing win with both pairs having some nice results to settle the team down. Today proved what we already knew - there are no "easy" matches in a modern day European Championship.

Tomorrow we move forward with a match versus Bulgaria (930am) on BBO, then Lithuania (1330) and finally the Netherlands (1620) on BBO. A tough day at the office, but an exciting one and the kind of day which these championships are all about. The team have been packed off to bed already, and are hopefully getting a good nights sleep ready for the resumption of battle tomorrow.

Onwards & upwards!

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