Thursday, 26 June 2014

European Bridge Championships Croatia - Open Team Part 4

We have reached the day off, and we appear to have reached it at rather a good time. After a disappointing loss to neighbours Wales yesterday, we had two thumping wins against Romania (who were leading our group at the time) and Serbia (who were loitering around the qualification cut off). Those two resounding victories featured some fine play, and left us top of the group by the narrowest of margins. We restart on Friday morning at 0930 against Hungary, and then we play Italy at 1330 and Poland at 1620. We are hoping to maintain the momentum heading into the second phase. Although it is as yet unknown, I think it likely we will be on BBO for matches against Italy and Poland.

The day off will be used to recharge batteries - with some players just relaxing in the hotel and some seeing some of the local area. Whichever they choose, they are looking forward to getting stuck in again on Friday.

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